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How blood groups are inherited and why it´s important that you know yours

blood groups

Do you know your blood type? This is a question we should all be able to answer. It contains vital information for situations such as blood donations, transfusions or pregnancies. It is also very interesting to know how blood groups are inherited, a very common question asked in medical consultations. Do you want to know […]

Genetic alterations: the different causes and types

genetic alterations

Did you know that all human beings share 99.9% of their genetic information? This means our uniqueness lies in the remaining 0.1%, which varies between individuals and determines our physical characteristics (phenotype), as well as how we respond to environmental factors. Want to find out more? In this article we delve into the different types of […]

Hereditary diseases, learn about a few examples

hereditary diseases

Did you know that we can pass on genetic disorders to our children, even if we do not suffer from them ourselves? In fact, we only need to be carriers to pass them down our offspring. In other words, even if we have not developed symptoms, if we are carriers, our children are at risk […]

What are the benefits of genetic testing for hereditary cancer?

genetic testing cancer

Genetic tests for hereditary cancer are designed to confirm or rule out if you have hereditary genetic mutations that are risk factors for a particular type of cancer. But what are the benefits of knowing if you have this predisposition? This article explains it all in detail! What is cancer and where does it come […]

Why do genetic tests that supposedly offer the same thing vary so much in price?

Why do genetic tests that supposedly offer the same thing vary so much in price?

Most people have heard of genetics, but if you try to understand it in detail, it is just as hard as learning Mandarin. The inundation of information can be very overwhelming when you first start looking at the vast array of genetic tests available online. In reality, everyone has a different reason for wanting to […]