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The probability of having a boy or a girl according to genetics

boy or girl

Did you know that the probability of having a boy or a girl is determined by genetics? After all, foetal sex depends on whether the sperm cell carries an X or Y sex chromosome. Do you want to know why? It’s all in this article, where we also talk to you about the new methods for […]

What is the purpose of cell-free foetal DNA screening?

foetal DNA

Thanks to new tests that analyse foetal DNA from a mother’s blood sample, prenatal screening has changed drastically in the last decade. Evidence of circulating free DNA in the blood dates back to the late 1940s, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that the existence of cell-free DNA from the foetus became clear. Also known […]

Non-invasive prenatal test and newborn screening: what are my options?

Non-invasive prenatal test and newborn screening

Pregnancy is a period full of excitement and also doctors’ visits. It’s important to ensure there are no health complications for both mother and unborn child. There are different routine tests and check-ups for pregnant women to make sure everything is going well. However, thanks to advances in technology and science, it is possible to […]