Whole Genome Sequencing allows you to make more informed decisions for your health and the health of your loved ones.

Your genome is the base of preventive and personalized medicine

Information that you will obtain from your genome


Learn your risk to develop hereditary conditions that have genetic origin.


Find out if you are a carrier of a genetic condition that can be transferred to your children.


Learn how your genetics can influence your response to specific medications.

Traits and Ancestry

Discover aspects related to nutrition, athletics, longevity … as well as information about your ancestors.
Choose your Genetic Test

Choose among our expert interpreting services to perform a genetic test.

We offer sequencing and interpretation of the complete genome with our flagship product, myGenome, as well as a range of specific genetic tests for different medical applications.


Sequencing your genome gives you the opportunity to be proactive in managing your health.


This genetic test for newborns provides actionable information about genetic diseases that appear during childhood.


This genetic test gives you information about the effectiveness with which you metabolize or react to more than 150 drugs.


Thanks to this genetic test you will know your increased risk for various types of cancer.


Genetic tests indicated for patients with symptoms or suspicion of hereditary genetic diseases.

Information is Power
Whole genome sequencing allows you and your physician to make better choices for your health and for some individuals even the health of thier loved ones.

Genotyping (as other companies do) only gives you limited information based on a fraction of your DNA.

The age of genome begins
Your DNA is composed of a very long string of molecules: 6.4 billion A’s, T’s, C’s and G’s. The information encoded in your DNA is, in part, responsible for everything from the color of your eyes to how you respond to certain drugs. You can access this information through whole genome sequencing.
Veritas Customers

“What convinced me to take the tests was that I would receive information that is not only relevant for me but also for my family.”

Laura F., 36

“I want to know. I want access to all available information about my health. I prefer to be proactive about my healthcare decisions and management.”

Jaime M., 57

“myGenome represents what exactly is preventicion, allowing you to know your genetice risks and act accordingly to improve your quality of life.”

Antonio S., 41