Genetic tests

Why take a genetic test?


Because your genetic information is unique, and thanks to our tests you will be able to learn actionable information that will allow you to proactively manage your healthcare.


Because you are in good hands, a team of medical experts, geneticists and bioinformaticians with more than 15 years of experience in genetic sequencing and interpretation.


Because it transcends the person, the information you get is useful not only for you but for your family (ascendants and descendants).


Because a medical professional will accompany you throughout the process, advising and explaining, the most appropriate management for your specific case.

genetics testS


Sequencing your genome gives you the opportunity to be proactive in managing your health.


This genetic test for newborns provides actionable information about genetic diseases that appear during childhood.


This genetic test gives you information about the effectiveness with which you metabolize or react to more than 150 drugs.


Thanks to this genetic test you will know your increased risk for various types of cancer.


Genetic tests indicated for patients with symptoms or suspicion of hereditary genetic diseases.

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