It is a genetic test that determines if you are at risk of developing hereditary cancer.

myCancerRiskDNA is a genetic test that requires a medical prescription. In case you cannot obtain the prescription from your physician, you can contact Veritas and our medical team will provide a genetic consultation and prescribe the test.


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myCancerRiskDNA is a genetic test based on Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) that provides an analysis of 40 genes related to hereditary cancer.

This genetic test helps you to know the risk of hereditary cancer and if necessary allows the genetic specialist to perform specific follow-up tests to develop a preventive action plan.

Why is it important?

If you present a pathogenic variant in the genes included in the panel, your risk of developing cancer increases throughout your life. Knowing this risk is useful for both the patient and their families as it allows the implementation of screening strategies and risk reduction options.

myCancerRiskDNA is a genetic test based on Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) and the subsequent analysis of 40 genes related to hereditary cancer.

Who is it for?

It is a genetic test indicated for:

  • Persons with a family history of cancer specifically with family members who have developed cancer at an early age (<50 years).
  • People with various types of tumors.
  • People with cancer, in order to know their possible hereditary nature.

What will you receive?

  • Your specialist will receive a complete report of results, which will later be provided to you, with detailed information about the variants detected and the implication for you.
  • Genetic counseling that will explain the results of the test.

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I am interested in myCancerRiskDNA test, how do I take the test?

Buy the kit and we will send it to your address.

Receive your sample collection kit. Follow the instructions on how to provide your sample.

Follow the instructions and request the collection of the sample. A messenger will be sent to collect your sample kit.

In Veritas we carry out the sequencing and interpretation to generate the report.

We prepare a complete and understandable report that you will receive in the framework of a genetic counselling session.

As soon as your report is ready we will organize an appointment with our Genetic Advisor in which you will receive the report, review the results and explain next steps.

Why choose myCancerRiskDNA?

With myCancerRiskDNA you can know your risk of different types of hereditary cancer and act accordingly.

You and your specialist will receive expert genetic advice through our renowned geneticists.

Thanks to the WES spike-in you will have an extended coverage of the analyzed genes.

The sequencing of your complete exome will make it easier for you to perform other tests without having to take another sample.

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