Genetic tests designed for patients with symptoms or suspicion of hereditary genetic disease.

This genetic test requires a blood sample and evaluation in a case by case basis. If you are interested fill out the form you will find by click on more information. MORE INFORMATION

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myGenome Diagnostic

Whole Genome Sequencing for patients with a complex medical history or symptoms that suggest a genetic disease and want to know the possible underlying cause.


myExome Diagnostic

Whole Exome Sequencing for patients who present symptoms that suggest they may have a genetic disease or have a complex clinical history and want to know the underlying cause that may exist.

I want one of the Diagnostic tests, how can I organize it?

The specialist facilitates the clinical and family history of the patient to the Veritas clinical team.

The patient or legal guardian reads and completes the Informed Consent.

Veritas sequences the sample in the CLIA laboratory.

Veritas sends the specialist a personalized Diagnostic Interpretation report

The specialist prescribes myGenome with Veritas Diagnostic Interpretation.

A blood sample is collected from the patient and sent to Veritas.

An in-depth diagnostic interpretation is made by an expert team, based on the patient’s signs and symptoms.

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