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If you want to begin your experience in realizing the true benefits that whole genome sequencing can provide, myGenome Standard gives you the opportunity to know your risk of hereditary diseases, your response to certain medications, diseases that you could transmit to your children or information about your ancestors.

But if you want a more in-depth service then you should choose myGenome Premium which provides a more exhaustive analysis of cardiovascular diseases and cancer risk.

myGenome Standard is a genetic test that requires a medical prescription. In case you cannot obtain the prescription from your physician, you can contact Veritas and our medical team will provide a genetic consultation and prescribe the test.


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myGenome Standard is a Whole Genome Sequencing and interpretation service that helps you improve your health to live a longer and happier life.

This genetic test is a key tool in preventive, personalized medicine that allows you to adapt your medical care and lifestyle according to your personal genetics.

What is included in myGenome Standard?

  • Two consultations with a Genetic Counselor. The first session is to explain the objective and scope of the analysis so that you can make an informed decision about proceeding with the test. The second session is to review the test results and create an action plan on how to use them.
  • Information on more than 200 conditions of genetic origin based on the analysis of 83 genes. Selected for their operability and using the ACMG 59 standard. (American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics)
  • Information on 15 multifactorial conditions, included in the “Risks” section of the report.
  • Carrier status on more than 40 conditions that you may pass on to your children.
  • Information about drug sensitivities on more than 150 drugs.
  • Information on more than 50 genetic traits related to diet, athletics, longevity, nutrition, behavior, cardiovascular health, metabolism and immune system.
  • Encryption, anonymization and high security storage of your genetic information.
  • Information about your ancestors.

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What is the difference between myGenome Standard and myGenome Premium?

Comparision chart myGenome Standard and myGenome Premium

I want to order myGenome Standard, what are the next steps?

Buy your kit. We will contact you to set up an online genetic counseling consultation. During the session an expert will explain the purpose and scope of the test.

Receive your sample collection kit. Follow the instructions on how to provide your sample.

Follow the instructions and request the collection of the sample. A messenger will be sent to collect your sample kit.

We analyze your sample, extract and sequence ALL of your DNA. We read 6 billion letters A, T, C and G that make up your DNA and form your genes.

We prepare a complete and understandable report that you will receive during a consultation with a Genetic Counselor who will explain the next steps based on your results.

You will have a consultation with our Genetic Counselor in which you will receive your report, review the results and create an action plan.

Why sequence your genome?

Whole genome sequencing not only gives a more complete picture, but also provides a resource that you can consult again and again. Genome sequencing is the first step in a life-changing journey – your journey.

Receive useful information, such as possible disease risks and recommendations for adjustments in your lifestyle, for example changes in your diet.

Our genetic counselors can help you and your physician interpret the results.

As significant scientific advances are made in the field of genetics, we can return to your genome and update your information. It will be a resource for LIFE.

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