Pharmacogenomics studies how genetics can influence an individuals response to specific drugs. Your pharmacogenomic profile may have an impact on effectiveness or make you more likely to have adverse reactions to certain drugs.

myPharmaDNA is a genetic test that requires a medical prescription. In case you cannot obtain the prescription from your physician, you can contact Veritas and our medical team will provide a genetic consultation and prescribe the test.


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What does myPharmaDNA test include?

  • Identification of variants that will help your doctor improve treatments for both drugs that you are currently using and those you may need in the future.
  • Information about drug sensitivities on more than 150 drugs.
  • The test analyzes variants in 27 genes related to the metabolism and effectiveness of more than 75 active principles

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I am interested in myPharmaDNA, how do take the test?

Buy the kit and we will send it to your address.

Receive your sample collection kit. Follow the instructions on how to provide your sample.

Follow the instructions and request the collection of the sample. A messenger will be sent to collect your sample kit.

In Veritas we carry out the sequencing and interpretation to generate the report.

We prepare a complete and understandable report that you will receive in the framework of a consultation with a Genetic Counselor who will explain the next steps based on your results.

You will have a consultation with our Genetic Counselor in which you will receive your report, review the results and create an action plan.

Why is pharmacogenomics important?

You will learn how you metabolize and react to more than 150 drugs based on your genetics.

Our genetic counselors can help you and your physician interpret the results.

Thanks to the pharmacogenomics report you will have a resource for the rest of your life.

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