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What are the benefits of applying for the Veritas myGenome test for my patients?

There are many benefits derived from Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), both for you and your patients. In general, WGS for your patients will help you better predict their risks of disease, while understanding the underlying genetic etiology of existing conditions. Having the patient’s whole genome also means that thier genome will be available for re-examination at any time without having to repeat the lab test. Finally, the patient’s pharmacogenomics report (PGx) will help you understand the genetically influenced response to hundreds of medications.

How can a WGS test help in the diagnosis?

Veritas myGenome test is not a diagnostic test; It is a disease screening test for healthy individuals. myGenome uses state-of-the-art sequencing technology (NGS) to identify variants in DNA sequences and can not detect other genetic variations, such as large rearrangements, large duplications, translocations and trinucleotide repeats. If you want to use myGenome test information for purposes other than screening, we encourage you to speak with a member of our clinical team. We will be happy to help you with referrals to appropriate genetics professionals if you need a genetic evaluation or other additional tests.

I’m extremely busy. Is this complicated?

Although the science behind whole genome sequencing is complex, we deliver the information to you and your patients in a clear, concise and convenient manner. Access the reports through our physicians’ portal, and our team and partners, including genetic counselors and Pharm. D.s, are standing by to assist you.

Is genetic counseling offered with your service?

Yes. We have certified and authorized genetic counselors to offer a genetic consultation service aimed at both patients and specialists. Genetic tests should always include a genetic counseling consultation before and after the test, this advice may be offered by your specialist or by us. For those patients who do not have a genetic specialist, the myGenome test includes both sessions of genetic counseling, in order to provide all the necessary information about the test and the interpretation of the results.

Why take this journey with us?

Genomic information is increasingly being integrated into clinical practice.
We want to help you evolve your practice with cutting-edge capabilities. 

Pharmacogenomics — Get your patients’ genetically-influenced response to over 150 medications.

Learn what disease risks may be relevant to for your patients, and learn which lifestyle adjustments might mitigate these risks.

Connect with a Pharm.D. and genetic counselor to offer your patients team-oriented support and guidance.


the most comprehensive genetic testing service there is

With this information you can make more informed decisions about your health, learn about your ancestry, and much more.

“myGenome represents what exactly is preventicion, allowing you to know your genetice risks and act accordingly to improve your quality of life.”

Antonio S., 41


If you want to learn about your disease risks, drug sensitivities, and what you may pass on to your kids.


If you want our team to look even deeper into your cancer and cardiovascular risks, and carrier conditions.


If you have a complex medical history or symptoms suggestive of a genetic condition, and want to learn about possible genetic causes.

Do you want to know more?

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