LOVE MY GENOME is an ambitious project – 10 healthy individuals with a professional or personal interest in genomics had their genome sequenced and agreed to share their experiences to help others better understand what it means to know your genetic makeup – the insights and current limitations.

On June 21, at The Francis Crick Institute of London, the 10 participants met at an event, hosted and moderated by Professor Steve Jones, an eminent geneticist and broadcaster, and presented a short documentary that shows the experiences of the 10 participants in their own words. The film addresses fundamental issues pertaining to the meaning of our genome, its relevance to health, quality of life, business, industry and public policy.

All the attendees were offered that opportunity to have a genetic consultation with one of our genetic counselors to explore the possibility of sequencing their genome and learn about its benefits.

Thanks to this documentary we have been able to demonstrate the importance of genetic information, a valuable resource to support the evolution of preventive medicine by improving the health of individuals and possibly their families with overall goal of living a longer and healthier life.

Sequencing your genome is the first step in a life-changing journey

myGenome is a Whole Genome Sequencing and interpretation service that will allow you to know your risk to hereditary diseases, your response to drugs, diseases that you could transmit to your children, as well as information about your ancestry and genetic traits.

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