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(VERITAS INTERCONTINENTAL (Veritas onwards) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.


This privacy statement sets out the basis for the processing of personal information that we collect about visitors to our website, our establishment, or our point of contact with customers, suppliers or other business partners. Therefore, we ask you to read it carefully.


  1. Information we collect about you

 We may collect and process the following information about you:

 1.1 Information that you provide us. It is about your information that you provide us in the following ways:

 1.1.1 Completing forms on our website (or other forms that we ask you to complete).

 1.1.2 Delivering a business card (or similar).

 1.1.3 Communicating with us by phone, mail, email or other means.

 You can include, for example, your name, address, email and phone number; information about your relationship with VERITAS; and information about your job, your background and your interests.

 1.2 Information about you that our website and other systems collect.

 1.2.1 When you visit our website, certain information about you and your visit is automatically collected, for example, the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your device to the internet and other information such as the browser type and version and the pages of our site that you visit.

 1.2.2 It is also possible that our website downloads “cookies” on your device, which is described separately in the cookie statement.

 1.3 Additional information. We may also collect information from other sources. For example:

 1.3.1 If we maintain a business relationship with the organization you represent, your colleagues or other professional contacts can provide us with information about you, such as your contact information or your role in that relationship.


  1. Uses we give your information

2.1 We may use your information for the following purposes:

2.1.1 Put into operation, manage and improve our website and our establishments, as well as other aspects related to the way we conduct our operations.

2.1.2 Fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations, and undertake and defend legal actions.

2.1.3 Carry out, manage, develop and promote our business and in particular our relationship with the organization you represent (if applicable) and related transactions (for example, for marketing purposes).

2.1.4 Protect our business from fraud, money laundering, disclosure of secrets, cyber attack, theft of private content and other financial or business crimes.

2.2 From time to time we may review the information about you that we keep on our systems, including the content and other data of your communications with us by email or other means, to comply with the regulations and protect the activity of VERITAS, as described above.

2.3 These reviews may be aimed at the disclosure of information relevant to legal actions or may affect relevant records for internal or external criminal or regulatory investigations.

2.4 To the extent permitted by applicable law, these reviews will be conducted in a reasonable and proportionate manner and will be approved at an appropriate management level. Ultimately they may involve the disclosure of your information to government agencies and parties involved in legal actions, as described below.

2.5 Sometimes your emails and other communications may be consulted by people other than the staff member they were assigned to for common business management purposes (for example, if necessary because a staff member has left the office or left VERITAS ).

2.6 We will only process your personal information to the extent necessary for the purposes described above and in any case we will verify that such processing is not so damaging to you or your privacy that our legitimate interest in achieving the objectives is invalidated.

2.7 In exceptional circumstances, we may be required by law to disclose or process your personal information. When we ask you for personal information, we will inform you if it is mandatory to provide the information requested to fulfill a legal obligation or if, on the contrary, it is voluntary and there will be no consequence if you refuse to do so. In other cases, you must assume that we need the information for our activity or to comply with the regulations (as described above).

2.8 If you doubt the need for VERITAS to obtain the information we ask for, please contact the VERITAS representative through our Contact to make your inquiries.


  1. COMMUNICATION and international transfer of DATA

3.1 With your consent or, as the case may be, under the legal exceptions corresponding to a legitimate purpose, you may communicate your personal information to the following recipients:

3.1.1 Service providers that host our website or other information technology systems, or that store or process your information on our behalf, as Treatment Managers, under strict conditions of confidentiality and security.

3.1.2 In exceptional cases: 

  • A judicial body or the competent Administration, or the parties involved in a legal action, in any country or territory. 
  • Those recipients that may be stipulated by law.


  1. Conservation and removal of your information

4.1 Our intention is that the personal information we have about you is accurate and up-to-date. We will eliminate information about you that we no longer need.

4.2 The personal data provided will be kept as long as the contractual relationship is maintained (and the deletion is not requested by the interested party), and due to legal obligation; After this time, we will eliminate it. Use the data in the Contact section for more information.

4.3 Keep in mind that we can keep minimal information about you, even if we know that you have left the organization you represented, so that we can maintain a continuous relationship if in the future we are going to make contact again when you represent a different organization.


  1. Your rights

5.1 You may have the right to access your personal information in our possession and to certain related information, under the data protection regulations. You may also request that inaccurate personal information be corrected or deleted.

5.2 At any time you may object to our use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes and in certain circumstances you may have the right to object to us processing part or all of your personal information (and requesting that we remove it). You can also request the limitation of the processing of your personal data.

5.3 In certain circumstances you may also be entitled to “data portability”, that is, to ask us to transfer your personal data to you or to a new service provider.

5.4 If you wish to exercise any of the rights mentioned above, use the information in the Contact section below.

5.5 You may also file a complaint about how we process your personal information with the National Data Protection Authority.


  1. Contact

6.1 Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy statement and how we process personal information are welcome.

6.2 Send an email to the person responsible for data protection


7. Terms

  • The term “Clinician” means my ordering physician or any clinician consulted at my or my ordering physician’s request, such as a genetic counsellor, clinical pharmacologist, or other clinician.
  • The term “Data” means information from sequencing my sample, answers to any survey or other information such as patient or family history I or my Clinician may provide to Veritas, any test result, consult note or analysis generated by Veritas from other Data.
  • The term “Veritas” references Veritas Intercontinental and its affiliated companies.


8. Changes in this policy

 All changes that we make in the future in this privacy statement will be published on our website ( and will also be available upon request using the information in the Contact section: 

  • Email:
  • Address: Paseo de la Castellana 101 – Bajo 1, 28046 Madrid, Spain
  • Telephone: +34 915 623 675
  • VAT number: B88132907

Check regularly for changes

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