COVID-19 is a pathology of viral origin caused by an RNA virus called SARS CoV2. There are currently several clinical studies underway that aim to understand the pathogenic mechanisms of the virus. These studies will help in the development of new drugs that effectively treat the disease. There are also various lines of research underway to understand, and try to anticipate, the response that each person has to the infection caused by  COVID-19. One example is the alliance “Covid-19 Host Genetic Initiative” that has even been created to bring together more than 130 studies that are already in development. 

In this environment, there are various lines of research that work to determine the role of genetics in the prognosis of the pathology, as well as when complications may appear. Genes related to the viral ability to infect host cells, viral replication, and genes related to upper respiratory tract infections or innate immune response are being evaluated.  

It does seem evident that our genetics play a fundamental role in this immune response and this is what the numerous on-going studies are now trying to understand. 

All of these studies are in the preliminary stages so it is too early for scientific conclusions resulting in actionable recommendations. At Veritas we continuously work to improve genome analysis tools and be up to date on any progress within the scientific community. As soon as there are conclusions with a solid scientific basis, we will incorporate them into the genome analysis. 

About myGenome

myGenome is a genetic test key tool in preventive and personalized medicine, adapting your medical care and lifestyle habits based on your personal genetics. Although myGenome detects the risk to multiple diseases (more than 600 in its Premium version), it is focused on cardiovascular diseases and cancer risk, since they are the two groups of diseases with the highest incidence.

myGenome is a service with no expiration date, it is for life. Veritas commitment is the constant effort to improve our knowledge of the genome, incorporating the advances that this field may produce, keeping our patients informed about these advances and the impact that they could have on their health.

Our medical team continues to work for all our patients and collaborators, through video-consultation and video-conference platforms, and we offer the delivery of sample collection kits at home for those family and friends who are interested in myGenome.

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