With this agreement, iQtra Clinic, leader in the most innovative and advanced techniques in traumatology, prosthetic surgery and sports arthroscopy, is positioned as a reference center in the use of genome sequencing in preventive, regenerative and sports medicine.

  • The agreement with Veritas Intercontinental will strengthen the practice of advanced medicine and expand the offer of clinical services by incorporating genome sequencing into different specialties. Particular focus is on the field of preventive medicine and the improvement of sports performance.
  • Veritas Intercontinental will contribute to this agreement by offering expertise in diagnostics and genetic counseling, whole genome sequencing, its interpretation, and afterwards, continuous support and training to the iQtra team involved in the Genomic Medicine Unit.

Starting from 2003, iQtra offers an expert medical and assistance service in the latest and most advanced techniques related to traumatology, prosthetic surgery and sports arthroscopy. From now on, iQtra Clinic will collaborate with Veritas Intercontinental and create a Genomic Medicine Unit. With this agreement they are positioned as a reference center in the use of whole genome sequencing in preventive, regenerative and sports medicine.

Directed by Dr. Ángel Villamor, world renowned specialist in traumatology, iQtra Clinic has developed innovative therapeutic and surgical techniques supported by precise clinical recovery protocols. These techniques aim at achieving an improvement in physical and sports performance as well as maintaining these capabilities over the years.

Veritas Intercontinental, a subsidiary of Veritas Genetics, “The Genome Company”, will contribute to this agreement with its experience in genetic counseling and diagnosis, whole genome sequencing and its interpretation accompanied by training provided to iQtra Clinic staff.

The agreement with Veritas Intercontinental – says Dr. Villamor – will allow us to enhance the practice of advanced medicine and improve our services offer by incorporating whole genome sequencing to different areas. This genetic information will be especially useful in the fields of preventive medicine, regenerative therapies that we use and the improvement of sports performance. We will do it with collaboration of the worldwide leader in whole genome sequencing and its interpretation.

According to Javier de Echevarría, CEO of Veritas Intercontinental, iQtra Clinic is a reference center in traumatology, prosthetic surgery and sports medicine thanks to the quality of its professionals and a personalized service.” With this agreement both institutions will move forward to achieve the biggest health care challenge: the use of whole genome sequencing in healthy population”.

For Dr. Villamor, this Genomic Medicine Unit will be a key piece in the overall clinic vision, which is oriented to enhance and personalize healthcare – “One of the  advanced medicine characteristics is personalization, and whole genome sequencing offers a vital roadmap for each patient, creating a new horizon to achieve a long, active and healthy life. ”

Dr. Luis Izquierdo, Chief Medical Officer of Veritas Intercontinental points out that “we have been facing life blindly, reacting to diseases. Today, thanks to the information provided by the Genome we can anticipate, prevent and avoid diseases or detect them early, improve and customize treatments to not only extend life but also make it healthier”.

IQtra Clinic, Advanced Medicine

iQtra Clinic is a private health institution that has been positioned since 2003 as a reference in sport traumatology, prosthetic surgery and sport arthroscopy, seeking perfection by the exclusive and personalized treatment of each patient, among which are many elite athletes. It is supported by a competitive medical team, composed of 35 professionals led by Dr. Ángel Villamor, who is a pioneer in the treatment of musculoskeletal system and Sports Medicine pathologies in an integral and advanced way. The patient receives an individual multidisciplinary medical assistance in each phase of his treatment. Its advanced physiotherapy protocols, tested by elite athletes over the years, add a differential value to Dr. Villamor’s team and allow for effective, safe and fast recoveries.

3 years offering the Genome

For over 3 years now, Veritas Genetics has been offering Whole Genome Sequencing with interpretation services. Its philosophy is helping people to have a longer and healthier life thanks to the information provided by the Genome.

Physicians and scientists around the world agree that Whole Genome Sequencing will replace all other genetic tests since it offers a powerful resource for life. Users will have actionable information that will help them with family planning, disease risk control and achieving healthier and longer life.

Thanks to Veritas Genetics, Whole Genome Sequencing is already a “consumer product.” Until recently, bottleneck was the price of sequencing and the ability to handle and interpret large amount of information. Challenges that Veritas has faced by offering to consumers and physicians Whole Genome Sequencing, interpretation, genetic counseling, information storage services and management for medical research.

About Veritas Intercontinental

Veritas Intercontinental is the international subsidiary of Veritas Genetics, The Genome Company, that operates in Europe, Latin America, Japan and Emirates. Its mission to boost whole genome sequencing and interpretation and offer, to individuals, information that empowers them to maximize the quality and duration of their life, changing the way the world understands genetics.

Veritas was the first company that offered Whole Genome Sequencing and interpretation to consumers and doctors. It is a worldwide company leader in genetic, that expands the limits of science and technology and reduces the cost of the Genome.

Veritas was founded in 2014 by leaders in genomics from Harvard Medical School and operates worldwide from offices in the United States, Europe and China. The company has been recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Smartest Companies in 2016 and 2017, by Fast Company as one of the most innovative health companies in the world in 2018, and by CNBC as one of the Disruptor 50 companies in 2018 and 2019.

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