Veritas Genetics, “The Genome Company”, arrives in Spain through its subsidiary Veritas Intercontinental, which will manage the  activities in Europe, Latin America, UAE and Japan. The company, a pioneer in offering whole genome sequencing (WGS) to individuals, as an alternative to specific genetic tests, has located its headquarters in Madrid and among its most immediate projects is to establish its laboratory in Europe also in Spain.

Until now, in Europe, whole genome sequencing is performed for therapeutic and / or diagnostic purposes. Veritas Intercontinental is a pioneer in the sequencing of the genome to anyone committed to the care of their health to obtain a better quality of life. For Veritas, the sequencing of the genome is the first step of a journey that will change people’s lives.

Management team

Veritas Intercontinental is led by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, geneticists, bioinformatics and entrepreneurs headed by Javier de Echevarría, with a long career and business experience in the field of biotechnology and until a few months ago Innovation Director of SYNLAB. Together with him and as Medical Director Dr. Luis Izquierdo, pioneer of medical genetics in Spain, and Vicenzo Cirigliano, specialist in molecular genetics, who holds the position of Executive Technical Director.

Genetics and Prevention

The relationship between genetics and prevention is clear: the information provided by genetics helps us to avoid the disease or to minimize its effects. It is known that between 15 and 20% of cancers are due to the inheritance of a genetic variant that predisposes to a tumor and its knowledge helps to fight them. Also it is known that 3% of couples have a 25% risk of having a child affected by a genetic disease. Likewise, 15% of sudden cardiac deaths are due to genetic variations in the genes responsible for the structure of the heart muscle or heart rate and 6% of the population has a higher risk of developing thrombosis related to rest or abdominal surgery. In all cases, the information offered by genetics makes it possible to prevent and treat these health problems better by applying a personalized medicine that contemplates the most convenient medication at the appropriate dose for each patient (pharmacogenomics). If you need more information about Veritas Intercontinental or our genetic tests, contact us.

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