The Italian Society of Human Genetics (SIGU) annually organizes a national congress with the purpose of promoting scientific research in the field of Human and Medical Genetics, and contributing to the development of Human Genetics and Medicine in all its aspects.

We were pleased to participate in the XXII SIGU National Congress, held in Rome from November 13th to the 15th, where the latest updates were shared in various areas of genomic and postgenomic research, including new therapies for rare diseases, genomic editing, mutational loading and models of genetic pathologies. Post-congress courses were offered focused on specific topics to provide useful theoretical and practical updates for health professionals in the field of medical genetics.

Our Italian colleagues, Fabrizio Favara- Regional Sales Director-Eastern&South Europe and Matteo Guido – Business Development Manager, presented our portfolio and explained how Veritas offers a solution in genetics, adapted to different profiles, starting from whole genome sequencing in healthy people up to tests based on whole exome sequencing.

Our myGenome test allows us to detect your risk of developing certain types of inherited diseases, gives us information about certain genetic conditions that can be transferred to your children, or how your body reacts to specific medications based on genetics. Tests based on the sequencing of the whole exome, such as myNewbornDNA, offers screening of the newborns DNA, while myCardioDNA or myCancerRiskDNA are designed for people who have previously had cardiovascular or oncological disease, or have a strong family history.

Also important to mention is the diagnostic aspect of our tests, for which we offer 2 products, myGenome Diagnostic and myExome Diagnostic, tailored for patients with symptoms and suspected hereditary disease.

Our goal is to make the human genome sequencing accessible and give  each individual the opportunity to understand their genetics and use it to help maximize the quality and duration of their life. We were the first company to make complete genome sequencing and interpretation accessible to consumers and professionals, achieving scientific and technological leadership and reducing genome analysis costs.

If you would like to know more about us and our products, please contact us.

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