With this agreement, access to the whole genome sequencing will be accelerated for the general population, creating a turning point for preventive medicine in Brazil.


GENERA, one of the main genetic testing laboratories in Brazil, has incorporated myGenome and myNewborn, two of Veritas Genetics’ star tests, into their offer. The agreement covers all the services associated with these tests in both preventive medicine and clinical genetics.

With this alliance, GENERA reinforces and completes their range of genetic tests offered by the world’s leading company in Complete Genome Sequencing. The adoption of myGenome contemplates the sequencing, analysis and interpretation of the genome and the training and support of GENERA specialists in genetic counselling for end users. For its part, myNewBornDNA offers sequencing of the entire Exoma, of newborns to determine the presence of some pathogenic variant related to early-onset actionable diseases and of others that, although appearing in adulthood, are actionable, preventable, during infancy.

For D. Ricardo di Lazzaro, CEO de GENERA “with this agreement we reinforce and expand our services and provide the added value of collaborating with the world’s leading company in genetics. In a few years, the Genome will be a common test among the population and we want to be an active part of that future. For its part, myNewBornDNA is a fundamental step in the new medicine, as it incorporates the generic to health care from the first day of life”.

Veritas Intercontinental, a subsidiary of Veritas Genetics, “The Genome Company”, will contribute to this agreement with their expertise in genetic advice and diagnosis, the execution of genome and exome sequencing and interpretation, as well as the training of GENERA’s ad hoc staff-

According to Javier de Echevarría, CEO of Veritas Intercontinental, “this agreement will accelerate the access of the general public to the sequencing of the Complete Genome, creating a turning point in preventive medicine in Brazil. It will also contribute to create a new way of understanding health, based on the information offered by genetics from the first days of life”.

Gabriela Becker, director of Veritas in Brazil, highlights the impulse given by this agreement to health care from infancy: “Brazilians will be able to take care of their health in a much more efficient way from the information offered by genetics. They will know if they have any disposition to any disease and how to prevent it, they will know how their organism responds to the different drugs, or what genetic inheritance their children can inherit. We are very proud of our collaboration with Genera.”


myGenome & myNewbornDNA

myGenome offers information on more than 650 diseases of genetic origin, selected for their actionability in order to prevent and detect diseases early. The test also provides information on more than 225 diseases that can be transmitted to children and information on 15 multifactorial diseases, the development of which depends on genetics and the environment.  It also includes a pharmacogenomic profile, which allows us to know each person’s reaction to more than 150 drugs, and information on more than 50 genetic traits related to diet, athletics, longevity, nutrition or metabolism, among others. The report is completed with information on the ancestors. The service includes a pre- and post-test genetic counselling consultation, in which the results are delivered, explaining the scope of the results and the appropriate recommendations for personalising medical care based on the findings obtained.

For its part, myNewbornDNA is a genetic test of the newborn, based on the sequencing of the complete Exoma, WES (Whole Exome Sequencing), which allows determining the presence of any pathogenic variant related to early-onset actionable diseases. MyNewbornDNA analyzes 407 genes related to genetic and metabolic diseases that appear in the first years of life.  The test, which is performed on a sample of blood or saliva, includes a full results report, with detailed information on the variants detected and their implication for the newborn, as well as genetic advice to the specialist, for better management and therapeutic approach to the information obtained.


Genera is a laboratory specialized in genetics that has been operating in the Brazilian market since 2010, integrated by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, biologists, pharmacists and biomedics, which constantly invests in research and development focused on innovation. The objective of Genera is to make genetic testing more accessible to the population, optimizing costs and maintaining high quality standards, and offering comprehensible results for users. A genomic revolution, oriented towards the promotion of health, knowledge and well-being. Genera’s main areas of expertise are oncology, rare and hereditary diseases, wellness and health, and neonatal screening.


3 years offering the Genome

For more than 3 years, Veritas has marketed the complete sequencing of the Genome and its interpretation in both healthy and sick people. Its philosophy is to help people live longer and healthier lives thanks to the information offered by its myGenome product.

Doctors and scientists around the world agree that the complete sequencing of the Genome will soon replace the rest of genetic testing, as it offers a powerful resource for life. From a single sequencing, users will have actionable information that will help them in their family planning, control disease risk, and live healthier longer.Thanks to Veritas, Genome sequencing is already a “consumer product”. Until recently, the biggest difficulties were the price of sequencing and the ability to handle and interpret large amounts of information. Veritas has responded to these problems by offering consumers and physicians the complete sequencing of the Genome, its interpretation and genetic counselling, information storage services and its management for medical research based on its own technology.Based on the Genome, Veritas offers different services that allow the identification of the interaction of genetics both to prevent risks of certain diseases and to improve health and facilitate a longer and fuller life.


About Veritas Intercontinental

Veritas Intercontinental is the international subsidiary of Veritas Genetics, The Genome Company, which operates in Europe, Latin America, Japan and the Emirates. Its mission is to drive the entire genome and provide people with information that empowers them to maximize the quality and duration of their lives and their families by changing the way the world views genetics.Veritas was the first company to offer complete genome sequencing and interpretation to consumers and their physicians and leads the field of genetics, pushing the boundaries of science and technology and reducing the cost of the genome.Veritas was founded in 2014 by genomics leaders from Harvard Medical School and operates worldwide from offices in the United States, Europe and China. The company has been recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Smartest Companies in 2016 and 2017, by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative healthcare companies in 2018, and by CNBC as one of the Disruptor 50 companies in 2018 and 2019.


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