Veritas appears on CNBC’s Disruptors 50 Companies list in 2019, in recognition of its drive to Genome Sequencing in healthy people and its effort to offer citizens this test at an affordable cost.

For the second consecutive year, Veritas Genetics “the Genome Company” is included in the list of 50 Disruptive Companies, prepared by the North American TV channel CNBC.

Veritas Genetics is ranked 44th on the 2019 list, in recognition of its drive to Genome Sequencing in healthy people and its effort to offer citizens this test at an affordable cost.

“Veritas,” says CNBC, “is the first company that offers consumers and doctors the sequencing and interpretation of the whole genome, which means analyzing the 6.4 billion letters of DNA in every cell of the human body.” Likewise, the nomination recognizes the advances in medical research of Veritas Genetics, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The company’s flagship product, myGenome, examines 40,000 genes for more than 1,200 clinically relevant diseases, including those related to cancer, cardiovascular diseases and immune and neurological disorders. It also analyzes intolerance to more than 300 medications used in the treatment of diseases such as depression, asthma or diabetes.

The company was co-founded in 2014 by the pioneer of genetics, George Church, who participated in the Human Genome Project, the first initiative to map all genes in the human genome. According to Veritas, the affordable price of this test, its easy availability and its completeness will make it the standard for genetic testing.

The Disruptor 50 list of 2019 prepared by the CNBC includes private companies, from sectors such as biotechnology and machine learning, transport, retail or agriculture, whose innovations are changing the world. New companies with a disruptive vision of the future that have not identified untapped niches in the market that have the potential to become multi-billion-dollar businesses. Of the 50 selected companies, 36 are unicorns: startups that have exceeded $ 1 billion in business.

About Veritas Intercontinental

Veritas Intercontinental is the international subsidiary of Veritas Genetics, The Genome Company, which operates in Europe, Latin America, Japan and UAE. Its mission is to promote whole genome and offer people information that empowers them to maximize the quality and duration of their lives and their families, changing the way in which the world conceives genetics.

Veritas was the first company to offer whole genome sequencing and interpretation to consumers and their physicians and leads the field of genetics, expanding the limits of science and technology and reducing the cost of the genome.

Veritas was founded in 2014 by leaders in genomics at the Harvard Medical School and operates worldwide from its offices in the United States, Europe and China. The company has been recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Smartest Companies in 2016 and 2017, by Fast Company as one of the most innovative healthcare companies in the world in 2018, and by CNBC as one of the Disruptor 50 companies in 2018.