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Genetic diagnosis in adulthood

DNA contains all the instructions for the correct functioning of the organism, so it is logical to think that genetics plays a fundamental role in people’s health. As knowledge in genetics has advanced, the underlying causes and mechanisms of many diseases have been identified and, in some cases, this has made it possible to establish […]

Genetic tools for the diagnosis of rare diseases

Rare diseases present a unique challenge due to their low prevalence and the complexity of their diagnosis. To improve the quality of life of patients with rare diseases and facilitate the development of targeted therapies, early diagnosis is key. For this reason, genetic tools have become an essential resource for the diagnosis of these pathologies, […]

Exome vs. genome: which type of test to choose?

Genetics has become a crucial tool in modern medicine. Its application opens up new opportunities to better understand diseases and offer personalized medical management. In this context, genome and exome studies have revolutionized the way an individual’s genetic information is analyzed and interpreted. In this article, we explore the differences between these two types of […]

Genetic alterations: the different causes and types

Did you know that all human beings share 99.9% of their genetic information? This means our uniqueness lies in the remaining 0.1%, which varies between individuals and determines our physical characteristics (phenotype), as well as how we respond to environmental factors. Want to find out more? In this article we delve into the different types of […]

Discover the preventive and personalised medicine of the 21st Century

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. This is the exact approach that preventive medicine takes for healthy people. It seeks to optimise strategies forpreserving and promoting good health, preventing disease and facilitating early diagnosis and treatment. Historically, patients have been treated according to their clinical signs and symptoms, irrespective of their personal […]

Why do genetic tests that supposedly offer the same thing vary so much in price?

Most people have heard of genetics, but if you try to understand it in detail, it is just as hard as learning Mandarin. The inundation of information can be very overwhelming when you first start looking at the vast array of genetic tests available online. In reality, everyone has a different reason for wanting to […]