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Congenital heart disease and the role of genetics

Congenital heart disease is the most common malformation at birth, but what role do genetics play? Are all cases the same? In this blog we will explain congenital heart disease, its causes and detection methods. What are congenital heart diseases? Congenital heart disease (CHD) is defined as any malformation in the structure of the heart […]

Rare diseases, for greater visibility

rare disease

Rare diseases are more common than we can imagine and a large number of people are affected by this type of diseases globally. In this article, we explain some common characteristics of this type of diseases and the importance of diagnosing them appropriately. What are rare diseases?   Rare diseases can be defined as those […]

The probability of having a boy or a girl according to genetics

Did you know that the probability of having a boy or a girl is determined by genetics? After all, foetal sex depends on whether the sperm cell carries an X or Y sex chromosome. Do you want to know why? It’s all in this article, where we also talk to you about the new methods for […]

Non-invasive prenatal test and newborn screening: what are my options?

Pregnancy is a period full of excitement and also doctors’ visits. It’s important to ensure there are no health complications for both mother and unborn child. There are different routine tests and check-ups for pregnant women to make sure everything is going well. However, thanks to advances in technology and science, it is possible to […]